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Carl J. Grimes

This page is in no way to be connected with or sanctioned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. This my way of providing a review with photos. Every effort has been made to reduce the images with peoples faces, however this is a not for profit page for the next 2 months. Photos were taken in Public domain with a reasonable expectation of photography occurring.

Most Photos on this website were taken with either Canon  EOS T3I or Canon EOS T6I Some have been scanned photos taken with Canon EOS 630 or Canon AV-1

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All photos on this site are protected by United States and International Copyright Law. Permission is NOT GRANTED for use.

This all started in 1976 when my mother gave me my first Canon 35mm AV-1.  

Some of these photos mean nothing to anybody but me. They are my moments.

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Allure of the Seas

Without Failure there is no know success you must know failure                                                                                  Carl J. Grimes

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This site is dedicated to My Family. My Father who I lost  In 2013, My Mother I lost in 2012, My Stepmother Rose Grimes, My Wife Patty, My wife's family, My Brother Milton and his Family, My "brother from another Mother" Mark and his Family, My son Richard "Chip", his wife Tara and "Pops Girl" Allison. God. For the moments in time I have captured I dedicate this to you. 

Celebrating 20 Years

The wife and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

Over the next 2 months this site will be dedicated to that trip. I am using this opportunity to provide  bit of a review of the Cruise, The trip as a whole and the wonderful people along the way that made this happen.